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Bring two lucky koi fish with you wherever you go! Embroidered orange and red koi fish jump out of blue water on a white canvas base. Comes with two large pockets inside the bag to keep all essentials secured. Two detachable red tassles at the bottom read "好运/好運" which means "good fortune" in Mandarin.


Perfectly fits: wallet, phone, lipstick, sunscreen, and more!

Size: 11in. x 8in. 

Comes with a pearl cross-body strap, as well as a handheld strap. 


Symbolizing wealth and success in Chinese culture, koi fish or JinLi 锦鲤/錦鯉 in China long predates Japanese koi culture and was actually introduced to the Japanese emperor around 200 A.D.!


About the brand: 猫小姐原创女包


猫小姐原创女包, or Miss Kitty's Original Hanfu Bag Designs, is a high-quality hanfu bag brand that focuses on creating a variety of unique and detailed bags for hanfu fans around the world. Fulfilling over 178,000 orders, #6 on the hanfu bag rankings on Taobao, and an average of 4.9 stars, Miss Kitty's Original Hanfu Bag Designs is a cult-favorite for those looking to upgrade their hanfu looks with cute bags, and for modern girls looking for the perfect statement bag.



Please avoid harsh chemicals. For cloth bags, please spot clean with soap, water, and a small towel.

Do not use bleach.

Lucky Koi Fish Embroidered Pearl Cross Body Purse

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