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The perfect base layer for any Ming Dynasty outfit, now with an added pop of color! Beautifully detailed woven trim featuring motifs of pheasants, maple leaves, and blue flowers. Classical Chinese color theory with robust reds and royal blues.


First appearing in the Mid-Ming Dynasty, the standing collared shirt called Liling Duijin Shan 立领对襟衫/立領對襟衫 was a favorite for all women of the time. 


Pair with a Mamian skirt 马面裙/馬面裙 and Pifeng jacket 披风/披風 for the perfect Ming Dynasty set. For a modernized look, try wearing the Liling Duijin Shan with trousers for a unique office outfit!


Hand wash recommended.

100% Polyester. 


About the brand: 半枫荷国风工作室


半枫荷国风工作室, or Ban Feng He Hanfu Studio, is a hanfu brand that focuses on staple basics for hanfu enthusiasts. Fulfilling over 34,445 orders and an average of 4.9 stars on Taobao, we can't wait to see their next releases! 



Note that Chinese sizes are smaller than US sizes. To avoid wrong sizings, please refer to the sizing chart in the photos.




Please hand wash carefully as to not ruin the embroidery, jewels, or buttons. Please air dry the clothes on a hanger. Hand washing and air drying also extends the life of your hanfu. For ironing, please use lowest heat setting or steam out the wrinkles.

Liling Feng 立领枫 Woven Trim Standing Collar Ming DynastyShirt

  • This item may experience shipping delays up to 2 weeks due to production time regardless of priority mail, international, or domestic addresses. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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