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A vest may not be your first idea of historical Chinese clothing but I assure you, the Ming dynasty Bijia 比甲 is one of the best!


Adorned with 100 butterflies and flower motifs all referenced from cultural relics, beneath, a intricately woven fabric with plum blossoms. 


Whether you're elevating a classic Ming look consisting of a Changshan 长衫/長衫 (long shirt) and horse faced skirt 马面裙/馬面裙 (pleated skirt). Or spicing up your everyday outfit, the bijia 比甲 is a highly versatile piece for every hanfu addict to have in their closet!


Highly recommend pairing with wide legged pants and a fitted shirt of your choice ✨


Custom woven and dyed, double layered, metal clasp, 100% polyester.


This item will experience longer shipping times up to 2 weeks regardless of international, domestic, or priority mail. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.



About the brand: 鸾羽家的衣橱.


鸾羽家的衣橱, or Luanyu's Wardrobe, is actually a personal favorite and a favorite brand in general within the hanfu community. With high quality fabrics and embroidery, Luanyu continues to wow us with durable, long-lasting pieces that look immaculate. With a 4.9 star rating on Taobao and standing strong at 12 years in the hanfu business, Luanyu remains a forerunner in the scene.





Note that Chinese sizes are smaller than US sizes. To avoid wrong sizings, please refer to the sizing chart in the photos.





Please hand wash carefully as to not ruin the embroidery, jewels, or buttons. Please air dry the clothes on a flat surface or hanger. Hand washing and air drying also extends the life of your hanfu. For ironing, please use lowest heat setting or steam out the wrinkles.

Hundred Butterfly Bijia 白蝶比甲 Ming Dynasty Vest

  • This item will experience longer shipping times up to 2 weeks regardless of international or domestic addresses due to hanfu creation period. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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