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Inspired by the late 20th century jewelry styles of Chinese ladies, these dangling pearl earrings pair perfectly with qipao, hanfu, or modern styles. 


GuoFeng 国风/國風 translates to "Chinese Style" or "Chinese Aesthetic".


Get it in: 

  - silver

  - gold



About the brand: Plum Blossom Jewelry


Plum Blossom Jewelry is a local, family and Asian-owned jewelry business from Columbus, Ohio who hand crafts each earring with great care. Plus, 10% of profits and 100% of tips go towards her Cause of the Month! 



  • hypoallergenic gold plated brass pierced hoops, nickel free
  • hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel hooks
  • iron bead caps
  • large glass pearl, small plastic pearls




Cleaning & Storing Information: 

Gently clean with a wet cotton swab between wears or with regular earring cleaner.

Store in resealable bags for extra security, or in your favorite jewelry box.

Limit exposure to water and humidity to prolong the life of your earrings.

If they get wet, be sure to dry thoroughly afterwards. 

GuoFeng Pearl Tassel Earrings

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