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Although it may look like a dragon, don't let it fool you! Look closer and see a dragon with a fish tail intricately woven onto this gorgeous warrior's garb. Hence the name-- Flying Fish.


Worn by hand-selected Ming dynasty imperial guards, this one piece robe is now a popular unisex garment within the hanfu community and a must-have for any Hanfu enthusiast.


Reappear in history with this elegant and unique piece perfect for the Year of the Dragon.


Or should I say, Year of the Flying Fish! 🐉


Wear it standalone to bring the off-duty warrior vibes, or pair it with a matching Zhao Jia (warrior's vest) for any formal occasions. 


Material is 90% Polyester, 10% synthetic golden thread.


About the brand: 南山韵味,


南山韵味, or Nanshan Charm, is a specialty hanfu brand focusing on warrior's wear throughout the dynasties. With a wide range from simple base robes, to full on metallic armor sets, Nanshan Charm is a one stop shop for those looking for historically accurate and high quality warrior hanfu.



Note that Chinese sizes are smaller than US sizes. To avoid wrong sizings, please refer to the sizing chart in the photos.




Please hand wash carefully as to not ruin the embroidery, jewels, or buttons. Please air dry the clothes on a hanger. Hand washing and air drying also extends the life of your hanfu. For ironing, please use lowest heat setting or steam out the wrinkles.

Flying Fish Tieli 飞鱼帖裡 Warrior One Piece Robe

Construction period 45 days
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