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Uncovering the History and Culture Behind Hanfu: Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome to Nüwa's Encyclopedia! The beginning of a journey of over 5,000 years.

What is that skirt called? How is this supposed to be tied? Can I wear hanfu if I'm not Chinese?

These are the questions I'm here to answer! Hello everyone, my name is Chuyan 王楚嫣, although some of you may know me by my online handle: Mochi Hanfu.

Through my year of loving hanfu 汉服/漢服 obsessively and learning everything I possibly can about it, I've come across quite a few questions from many people. It's understandable, as hanfu is relatively new (the movement's only 2 decades old) and information in English is still unfortunately relatively hard to come by.

That's where this blog comes in: Nüwa's Encyclopedia. I'm here to share the history, the influences, the roots of hanfu.

And hopefully answer some of your questions along the way!

Me in Ohio if you can believe it.

A little about me:

Born and raised in the lovely city of Seattle. I know people say it rains a lot but honestly I would shrivel up without the rain and cold weather! I've been sharing hanfu and history about hanfu on tiktok for one and a half years which is actually what started this shop! Through my passion of sharing hanfu with my audience, I then I wanted to spread the love of hanfu to everyone -- beautiful embroideries, delicately woven fabrics, the beauty in the detail, these things are things that everyone can and deserves to enjoy!

Especially since I know how much joy hanfu brings me.

Other than working on this shop and making videos, I love spending time with my cats Kuma and Jax! I also love disco, not just the music, but the dance. You can catch me at the monthly disco party tearing it UP.

Koomee Bear (left), Jackie Pie (right) .

So, what would you like to learn?

We could go chronologically through all the different dynasties, you already get a bit of a basic rundown on the "Learn the History" tab. We could also start by breaking down the makeup or hairstyles of each era!

But I'd much rather hear what you guys are curious about. If you have any burning questions, be sure to leave them below and I'll try to answer them!

Many blessings & good fortune,




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